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Tomioka Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Tomioka, Japan

Posted in Built by Deanna Rodrigues on November 8, 2019

photograph by Katsuhisa Kida / FOTOTECA  Tomioka_Inner_Outer_Frame_Diagram-imagesphotograph by Katsuhisa Kida / FOTOTECA  photograph by Katsuhisa Kida / FOTOTECA


Building: Tomioka Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Location: Tomioka, Japan 

Architect: Tezuka Architects 

Structural Engineer: Ohno JAPAN

Lighting Design: Bonbori Lighting Architects & Associates, Inc

Completed: 2018


AE Interest: renovation of prior building, existing timber structure was reinforced with steel framing, diagonal members used as planar rigidity instead of trusses, repeating roof ridges, angle braces and knee braces support the framework, repeating diagonal grid pattern




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