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Atago Nursery – Nagasaki, Japan

Posted in Built by brittanyrussell1 on November 11, 2019

Atago 3  Atago 2  Atago 1
[1, 2, 3]

Building: Atago Nursery
Location: Nagasaki, Japan
Year of Completion: 2016
Area: 970 sq meters
Architect: Intermedia, Kei Sasaki
Engineering and Construction: Nagasaki Daiken Co.
Structural Design Collaborators: Jun Sato Structural Engineering Co.
Equipment Design Collaborators: Seed Design Engineer Co.
Light Plan Collaborators: LIGHT・PLAN

AE Interests: Designed around natural terrain, inner rib structure through retaining wall and room separators, natural shaped play spaces to match terrain, rooftop garden

Articles: [1, 2]

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