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Cyrus Tang Foundation Center – Suzhou, China

Posted in Built by Liam Kristensen on November 21, 2019

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Building: Cyrus Tang Foundation Center
Location: Suzhou, China
Architects: UAD
Interior Design: Woods Bagot, Hangzhou Dianshang Building Decoration Design
Structural Engineers: Mingshan Zhang, Chen Xu, Benyue Li
Landscape Design: The Design Institute of Landscape & Architecture China Academy of Art (Zheng Jie Studio)
MEP Engineers: Haojun Li, Zengrong Gong, Shaobing Dong, Zhengjie Huang, Haifeng Liu
Completion: 2019

AE Interests: Site is located in a natural park, so the building was designed carefully to not intrude on the natural beauty of the location. Facade is engineered to mimic bamboo forests. Perimeter of the building is designed to allow for expansion of the building in the future. Multi-use space featuring a museum and multiple spaces for events.

Articles: [1, 2]




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