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Longfu Life Experience Center -Puyang,China

Posted in Built by Angie Liu on November 26, 2019

07东南侧__southeastern_side  14中庭_atrium  16个单元体的珑府生活体验中心实践_16_units_____Longfu_life_experience_center
Building: Longfu Life Experience Center
Location: Puyang,China
Completion: 2018
Architect:Luo Studio
Construction: Jia Mingzhong
Metal Processing Company: Henan Zhongyuan Antai New Energy Equipment Co., Ltd.
Area: 1588 square meters

AE Interests: Designed to not have functional constraints of spaces, general timber materials, clustered column, horizontal dodecahedron, vertical tree-shape, rapid assembly- 49 total workdays by dividing building into units and subdividing the work, “smart” cavity resembling human body, furniture is an extension of the structure, equipment and systems are integrated into the structure to minimize space, “universal space”, any part of the building can be modified, re-purposed, or removed based on need.

Articles: 1,2


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