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Light of Internet Expo Center- Wuzhen, China

Posted in Built by Tiffany Gilkes on December 5, 2019

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Building: The Light of World Expo Center
Location: Wuzhen, China
Architects: Fab-Union, Archi-Union Architects
Design and Digital Fabrication: Fab-Union Architectural Technology and Digital Fabrication Co, Ltd.
Principal Architect: Philip F. Yuan
Digital Construction Manager: Wen Zhang
Structural Consultant: AND office
Landscape Consultant: Innovative Urban Green
Lighting Consultant: RDI Lighting
Contractor (Exhibition Halls): Yadu Construction Group
Completed 2019

AE Interests: multi-use pavilion, suspended roofs with I-beams, string beams and catenary beams, curved brick facade on pavilion,  radial steel structure, no vertical structural columns

Articles: [1] [2]




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