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Hunan Conference Center

Posted in Built by Amy Yao on February 18, 2020

Hunan Conference Center 1 Hunan Conference Center 2 Hunan Conference Center 3 Hunan Conference Center 4
[1, 2, 3, 4]

Building: Hunan Conference Center
Location: Changsha, China
Architects: DXH Studio
Chief Architect: Xinghui Deng, Zhimin Zeng
Design Team: Xian Liu, Guannan Tang, Lixia Ou, Yonghong Jiang
Steel Structure: Bin Liu
Landscape Design: Lala Huang
Interior Design: Yong Liu, Kai Yan
Construction: Hunan prosperous construction co., LTD
Year: 2019

AE Interests: Hunan University Student Science and Technology Industrial Park. Innovative. East, Northeast, South, and West sides serve different purposes like a park square, comprehensive building, entrepreneurship plant, etc. Externally, visual “visual window” enhances park image. Internally, “shared living room” of the park. Blends the boundaries of indoor/outdoor, building/landscape. Organic fusion.


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