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Marina Bay Sands- Hotel and Skypark

Posted in Built by Troy Stewart on February 19, 2020

MArina Bay Sands 1MArina Bay Sands 2
Marina Bay Sands 3

Building: Marina Bay Sands- Hotel and Skypark
Location: Singapore, Singapore
Architect: Moshe Safdie
Civil Engineer: ARUP
Structural Engineer: ARUP
Acoustics: ARUP
Geotechnical Engineer: ARUP
MEP Design: R.G. Vanderweil LLP
MEP Construction: Parsons Brinckerhoff (rebranded now as WSP)
Year: 2010

AE Interests: Creates two windows in order to see through the three towers for a view of the city from the waterfront, or vice versa. Has a 1.2 hectare, or about 130,000 square-foot, garden capping the towers, which includes a large swimming pool. Continues underground to connect to subsurface travel. World’s largest public cantilevered platform. Continuous lobby at base. Longer than the Eiffel towers total height. Curved asymmetric towers. World’s longest elevated swimming pool. In 2019 it was announced that a fourth tower is in the works. Building shape partially inspired by cards.


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