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Eystur Town Hall – Faroe Islands, Denmark

Posted in Built by Deanna Rodrigues on February 24, 2020

town-hall-eysturkommuna_henning-larsen_photo-by-nic-lehoux_7.png  town-hall-eysturkommunahenning-larsenphoto-by-nic-lehoux742069.jpg  henning-larsen-architects-eystur-town-hall-drawing-arcit18.jpgtown-hall-eysturkommunahenning-larsenphoto-by-nic-lehoux742054.jpg

Building: Eystur Town Hall
Location: Faroe Islands
Architect: Henning Larsen Architects, Ósbjørn Jacobsen
Engineer: Spenn, Veri-Con and SMJ
Contractor: KBH
Landscape Architect: Henning Larsen North Atlantic
Year: 2018

AE Interest: Green Roof and bridge, built into the land



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