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Seoul Floating Islands – Seoul, South Korea

Posted in Built by Lane A Medrano on March 3, 2020

FLoating Islands 4 Floating Islands 2Floating Islands Floating Islands 3

[1, 2, 3, 4]

Building: Seoul Floating Islands / Floating Island: Soul Flora
Location: Seoul, South Korea
Completed: 2011
Area: 9995.0 m²
Architect: Haeahn Architecture / Taeman Kim (President)
Collaborating Architect: H Architecture

AE Interests: located on the Han River, serves several cultural, educational, and recreational functions, represent the stages of a blooming flower: seed, bud, and blossom, aluminum metal panel shell with translucent panels, metal framed façade resemble petals, LED system for lights, floats via pontoon and automated mooring systems

Article: [1]

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