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Municipal Gym of Salamanca – Salamanca, Chile

Posted in Built by Jorge Luis Garza on May 14, 2020

Municipal Gym Municipal Gym 2 Municipal Gym 3 Municipal Gym 6 Municipal Gym 4

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Building: Municipal Gym of Salamanca
Location: Salamanca, Chile
Architect: Carreño Sartori Arquitectos
Collaborators: Pamela Jarpa Rosa, Pia Mastrantonio Pedrina, Claudia Wagner Böhmer
Structural Calculation: SyS Ingenieros Consultores
Electric Project: ICG S.A.
Sanitary Project : Roberto Pavéz Mujica
Topographic Project: Ángel Espinoza Varas
Landscape Project: Carreño Sartori Arquitectos
Construction: Constructora Lohse y Villablanca ltda

AE Interests: conceived from the site, controlled interior light, wood, metal, and concrete, faceted geometry, open to pedestrian sidewalks, incorporates originally closed lots

Articles: [ a1, a2 ]

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