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Boolean Birdhouse – Yangmingshan National Park, Taiwan

Posted in Built by rylanstclair on February 24, 2021


Building: Boolean Birdhouse
Location: Taiwan
Address: Yangmingshan National Park, Taiwan
Architect: Phoebe Says Wow Architects, Shihhwa Hung
Structural Engineer: woodartworkteam藝創木構
General Engineer: Beyond Space Technology Co., Ltd
Contractor: woodartworkteam藝創木構
Client: Parks and Street Lights Office, Taipei City Government
Completed: 2020
Floor Area: 80 m^2
Cost: $50K-100K
Awards: Master Prize 2020

AE Interests: multiple wooden units, lumber, large open space with projectors, inside meant to create ambiance and feeling, multicolored wood, nature and surrounded by wildlife and greenery, small scale comforting experience

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