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Digital Museum – Pecica, Romania

Posted in Built by Ana Lacau on May 20, 2021

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Name: Digital Museum Pecica
Location: Pecica, Arad, Romania
Address: Strada 339, Pecica 317235, Romania
Architect: Claudiu Ionescu
Engineers: G. Takacs, C. Sebarchievici
Construction: S.C. START S.R.L.
Area: 1,356 sqft (126 sqm)
Year of Completion: 2013
Cost: $160,500

AE Interests: N-S orientation of the building forms a sundial, rises naturally from the ground through Fibonacci spirals, reinforced concrete walls, aluminum bonded facade, water is collected and recycled via the roof and surrounding courtyards, energy provided by solar panels

Articles [1, 2]

Note: Inside visitors can explore ANY museum in the world through the use of the latest technology in 3D video projections and 3D screens. The museum can host any presentation or exhibition without a large space, a big surveillance staff or substantial maintenance costs.


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