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ATES Wind Power Headquarters – Izmir, Turkey

Posted in Built by Ana Lacau on July 11, 2021


Name: ATES Wind Power Headquarters
Location: Izmir, Turkey
Address: Izmir-Canakkale Yolu 83.Km Atkiran Mevkii No:21, Bergama/İzmir, Turkey
Architect: d.a.architects
Manufacturers: Spectral, VitrA, AGT SOFT TOUCH, U GLASS FACADE
Founder & Principal Architect : Durmus Ali Kasap
Landscape Architect : Nesil Peyzaj
Area: 2806 m²
Year: 2019
Construction Time: 8 years

AE Interests: main emphasis on employ comfort, indoor recreational “breaks” to increase social interactions, natural ventilation and light, inner gardens, suspended bridges intertwined with vegetation




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