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Three New Bailey – Salford, United Kingdom

Posted in Built by tylerdang1 on March 7, 2022

Images: [1], [2], [3]

Name: Three New Bailey
Location: Salford, United Kingdom
Address: New Bailey St, Salford M3 5AX, United Kingdom
Architect: Make Architects
General Contractor: Bowman + Kirkland
Structural Engineering: Cundall
Mechanical Engineering: Hannan Associates
Facade Consultant: Wintech
Fire Consultant: DFC
Completion: 2021
Area: 14,733 m2
Height: 7 Stories

AE Interest: Facade is made entirely out of precast brick panels, interwoven in basket-like fashion; expedited construction process due to pre-fabricated panels; structure comprised of long-span, steel-frames; future service and circulation adaptation permitted; material construction was drastically reduced through floor-to-floor optimization that maximized sustainable recovery.

Article: [1], [2], [3]


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