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Newbern Town Hall- Newbern, Alabama

Posted in Built by Christian Luke on September 7, 2016

site plan_1-32_color  Newbern Town Hall and Fire Station  Newbern Town Hall ExteriorN:Rural StudioTown HallSite PlansNewbern DWG'ssections_buil

Building: Newbern Town Hall
Location: Newbern, Alabama USA
Architect: Auburn Rural Studio, Richard Hudgens (Architect of Record)
Completed: 2013
Environmental Consultant: Paul Stoller of Atelier Ten
Structural Engineer: Joe Farruggia of GFGR
Size: 1909 sqm

AE Interests: Government and community mixed use space. Designed to remedy problems with an adjacent earlier Rural Studio project. Equal emphasis on cost effective and sustainable materials.[a] Exterior walls are built from laminated Cypress timber beams. Windows and doors are set outside of the walls. Extremely well adapted to local climate challenges. Open gable roof allows for passive cooling of the spaces below.[b]
Creates a new boundary for outdoor communal space.

Sources: [a,b]

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