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Centar Zamet – Rijeka, Croatia

Posted in Built by nicklutte on September 7, 2016

[1, 2, 3, 4]

Building: Centar Zamet
Location: Rijeka, Croatia
Address: B. Vidas Street, Zamet, Rijeka, Croatia
Architect: 3LHD
Building Physics: Mateo Biluš
Electrical Engineer: Branko Čorko
Structural Engineer: Berislav Medić
Size: 16830 sqm

AE Interest:
unique ribbon style structure integrates building into the terrain, includes library, caffe, “Lokal”, and shopping centre, underground garage, auditorium has adaptable seating that can allow up to 2380 spectators for some sports [a] ArchDaily winner of Building Of The Year in sports category [b]
[a, b]

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