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Ski Restaurant Raduša – Uskoplje / Gornji Vakuf, Bosnia and Hercegovina

Posted in Built by nicklutte on September 7, 2016

[1, 2, 3, 4]

Building: Ski Restaurant Raduša
Location: Uskoplje / Gornji Vakuf, Bosnia and Hercegovina
Architect: 3LHD
Structural Engineer: Palijan
Size: 820 sqm

AE Interest: restaurant is built into the side of the Raduša mountain range; local wood used for all of interior and furniture to give a feeling of warmth; the client/investor this restaurant was designed and constructed for was also coincidentally the main contractor, Tom d.d.; from 3LHD: “Conceptually, it is based on the idea of a mountain pavilion – viewpoint, located at the ski resort, in the middle of the green hills overlooking the valley.” [a]

Full list of consultants can be found here: [a]

Additional pictures can be found here: [b]

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