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E+Townhouses – Boston, Massachusetts

Posted in Built by Matt Harshman on October 31, 2017

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Building name: Roxbury E+
Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Design Architect: Interface Studio Architects (ISA)
Architect of Record: Urbanica Design
Structural Engineer: DM Berg Consultants, PC
M+E Engineer: Engineering Design Build, Inc
Construction Manager: Urbanica Construction
Size: 7883.0 sqf
Completion: 2013

AE interest: LEED Platinum. Affordable sustainable housing design, net positive energy houses (produce more energy than they consume), wood frame, Use of orientation and angled roof to maximize photo-voltaic panels. Use of passive ventilation, energy star appliances, heavy insulation and high efficiency HRVs (Heat Recovery Ventilator).

Interface Studio Architects – Roxbury E+

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