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Canmet Materials Technology Laboratory; Ontario, Canada

Posted in Built by Katie Harris on November 15, 2017

Canmet-Building-2 Canmet A csm_canmet-materials-technology-laboratory-5_15ca943c0a

[1] [2] [3]

Building: Canmet Materials Technology Laboratory
Location: Ontario, Canada
Architect: Diamond Schmitt
Structural Engineer: RJC Consulting Engineers
MEP Engineer: Integral (Alias Cobalt Engineers)
General Contractor: Ellisdon Corporation
Completion: January, 2011
Cost: $69 Million

AE Interest:
Certified LEED platinum in 2013; Achieved sustainable site design, indigenous plants and rainwater reuse; Clerestories bring natural light into corridors and labs; Customized orientation specific solar shading reduces glare and thermal gains; 100% fresh air ventilation [a]; Thermal collection system located on roof; 77% reduction from national median Energy Use Intensity (EUI) for building type; Just under one-third of the construction material is made from recycled materials,  44% of the construction material was harvested and manufactured within 450 miles of the site[b]; Exterior materials (zinc and glass fiber cement panels) are rated for long-term performance and interior materials are tough and robust for a long term durable building plan


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