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John and Frances Angelos Law Center – Baltimore, Maryland

Posted in Built by Austin Allsup on December 1, 2017

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Building: John and Frances Angelos Law Center
Location: Baltimore, Maryland
Client: University of Baltimore
Architect: Behnisch Architekten
Architect of Record: Ayers/Saint/Gross
Completion: April 2013
Cost: $114.3 Million
Size: 192,000 square feet

AE Interest: The John and Frances Angelos Law Center’s design purpose is to utilize as much natural light as possible while also using natural resources. During construction, the project partners recycled at least 50% of construction materials. Native plants are incorporated with the building’s green roof, garden terraces, and sunken garden. The building contains a rainwater harvesting system that captures and repurposes runoff to reduce overall water use. During good weather, automated windows in classrooms, open spaces, and offices maximize ventilation of clean air. Non emergency lights automatically turn off after business hours. The Angelos Law Center received a LEED Platinum rating [a].


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