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Manitoba Hydro Place – Winnipeg, Canada

Posted in Built by Austin Allsup on December 1, 2017

Manitoba Hydro PlaceManitoba Hydro Place 1

Manitoba Hydro Place

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Building: Manitoba Hydro Place
Location: Winnipeg, Canada
Client: Manitoba Hydro
Design Architect: KPMB
Executive Architect: Smith Carter (currently Architecture49)
Energy/Climate Engineer: TransSolar
Contractor: PCL Constructors Canada
Completion: September, 2009
Size: 64,591 square meters
Cost: $278 Million

AE Interest: Manitoba Hydro Place was designed in a climate responsive architectural style to combat extreme environments. In a city where temperatures fluctuate from -31 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit every year, this building optimizes many uses of free energy, allowing a 66% better energy efficiency than required by the Manitoba National Energy Code for Buildings (MNECB). 100% of the building is cooled and ventilated with operable windows, and 85% of the building is daylit. The site features an irrigation tank that collects condensation from the building for external use during periods of low precipitation. Open floor plans, modern work stations, high ceilings, and 100% fresh air ventilation maximize comfort while promoting productivity [a].


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