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Powerhouse Kjørbo – Oslo, Norway

Posted in Built by jengonsal on December 4, 2017

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Building: Powerhouse Kjørbo
Location: Oslo, Norway
Architect:  Entra Eiendom, Skanska, Snøhetta
Size 5,200 m2
Constructed 1980’s
Renovation completed 2014

AEInterests:  Positive energy building after renovation, reducing 90% of building’s energy needs, classified with the highest BREEAM-NOR, produces over 200,000 KWh per year (which is twice of what the building consumes), the charred wood on the outside is environmentally friendly and maintenance free, outside detailing acts as an “airtight climate shell,” which make the walls, windows and ceilings well insulated, automatic sun shades activate in the summer, main staircase and concrete decks inside work together to allow for a ventilation channel [a]

Video: [1]

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