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Micro Emission Sun-Moon Mansion

Posted in Built by Sabrina Belloso on December 6, 2017




Building: Micro Emission Sun-Moon Mansion
Location: China Solar Valley in Dezhou, Shandong Province, China, 2010
Local Architect: Huang Ming (founder of Himin Solar Energy Group, known as ‘Sun King’ or ‘Solar Energy Mad Man’)
Sustainability Consultant: Huang Ming (Himin Solar Energy Group)
Purpose: Fourth International Solar Cities Conference in 2010 – Hotel, exhibition centers, research facilities, meeting rooms, and convention spaces
Size: 75,000 sm                                                                                                                                              Total Cost: $740M

AE Interests: Located in Solar Valley’ (98% of energy is derived from solar power)[a]; building inspired by the sun dial [b], one of the world’s largest solar-powered structures and the world’s largest solar office building; 5,000 m2 of solar panels and more than 30 types of green building technologies (photovoltaic grid-connected power generation, photovoltaic sun shades, ceiling radiation heating refrigeration, rainwater collection) [c,d]; 88% energy cost savings; curtain walls, windows, and doors have special features that convert light into electricity [e].

Articles: [a][b][c][d][e]


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