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Centre Le Corbusier (Heidi Weber House) – Zürich, Switzerland

Posted in Built by Quinlan S Sweeney on November 27, 2018


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Building: Centre Le Corbusier (a.k.a. Heidi Weber House/Museum, Pavillion Le Corbusier)

Location: Zürich, Switzerland

Architect: Le Corbusier

Construction: 1965-1967

AE Interests: the two main components of the building are a floating parasol roof-structure and a two-story rectilinear volume atop a concrete pavilion floor; modular steel frame cubes about 7.5 cubic feet are stacked to reach two stories; colorful enamel panels serve as walls; the entire structure is prefabricated; as stated in a very informative article (link “1” below):

‘The nature of these prefabricated cubes make for a completely open ground plan that can be divided at will, a convenience well attuned for a hybrid exhibition/dwelling space. In this way, “Le Corbusier used standardized parts to create individual forms instead of uniform repetitions,” a technique Jorn Ützon famously explored.’

Articles: [1, 2]

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