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Tugendhat House – Brno, Czech Republic

Posted in Built by Quinlan S Sweeney on November 27, 2018



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Building: Tugendhat House

Location: Brno, Czech Republic

Architect: Mies van der Rohe

Construction: 1928-1930

AE Interests: structure is supported by large shear wall; the plastered structure utilizes a steel skeleton, reinforced concrete ceilings, and brick masonry; subtle supporting columns are anchored in concrete bases and lead through the masonry and partially through the spaces of all the floors; two large windows could be retracted via electric motors–an innovative technology at the time; distribution system for drinking and utility water as well as an air system, involving a combination of heating, cooling, and humidification; continual space with a connection to the exterior of the structure

“Large spaces provide freedom. Space has a completely special calm in its rhythm which cannot be provided by a closed room.”  – Grete Tugendhat

Articles: [1]




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