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Aquarela – Quito, Ecuador

Posted in Built by Javier Ignacio Robalino on February 26, 2020

Aquarela 1Aquarela 3Aquarela 4Aquarela 5







Building: Aquarela
Location: Quito, Ecuador
Completed: 2020
Area: 136,580-square-metre
Architects: Ateliers Jean Nouvel
Executive Architect: Uribe & Schwarzkopf
Collaborators: Uribe & Schwarzkopf
Associate Architects: Alberto MEDEM – Humboldt Arquitectos S.L
Project leader: Alberto MEDEM assisté de María ROJO
Landscape: Isabelle GUILLAUIC
Images: Cristina DE LUCAS, Eduardo HERNÁNDEZ, Sabrina LETOURNEUR, Jesús RODRIGUEZ, María ROJO
Graphics: Eduardo HERNÁNDEZ, Eugenie ROBERT
Interior Architecture: U&S – Uribe y Schwarzkopf
Local Architects and engineers: Uribe y Schwarzkopf Ingenieros y Arquitectos S.A


AE Interest:

“Aquarela includes nine residential stone-cladded blocks. Ateliers Jean Nouvel imagined an approach that could mimic the context, with curved balconies wrapping the intervention, overfilled with greenery. These rocky gardens connect the residents to the natural outdoors and strengthen the integration of the building.”


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