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Sinan Books Poetry Store / Wutopia Lab – Shanghai, China

Posted in Built by Tomas Garcia on May 12, 2020


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Building: Sinan Books Poetry Store / Wutopia Lab
Location: Shanghai, China
Architects: Shengrui Pu, Mingshuai Li
Structural Consultant: Junfeng Yu
Completed: 2019
Area: 388 m^2

AE Interests: Wutopia Lab has completed Sinan books poetry store with the concept of ‘Church in church’, using 45 tons of steel in the historic site of St. Nicholas Church in Shanghai. The steel bookstore was built by 30 workers in 80 days. Workers must first cut 5mm steel plates into 128 standpipes, 640 large steel plates, and 2921 small steel plates for 23 layers of crossbars according to the drawings. After pre-assembled correctly outdoor, the pieces were moved inside and welded together.

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