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Ara Pacis Museum – Rome, Italy

Posted in Built by Luke Pyle on September 19, 2022

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Name: Ara Pacis Museum
Location: Rome, Italy
Architect: Richard Meier and Partners
Project Architect: Simone Giostra
Structural Engineer: Ove Arup and Partners
Consulting Structural Engineer: Guy Nordenson and Associates
General Contractor: Calosi e Del Mastio
Cost: ~ $24,000,000
Cost per square foot: ~ $525
Area: 45,750 ft2
Completed: 2006

AE Interests: Glass curtain wall that is 150 feet long and 40 feet tall, maximizing lighting to best represent exhibition space, elimination of “false shadows”, natural flow and traffic circulation, maximizing viewing space.

The original article for this building was posted on September 15th, 2009 by Carolyn Swann.


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