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Mérida Factory Youth Movement – Mérida, Badajoz, Spain

Posted in Built by Nickolas Boekhoudt on February 22, 2023

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Building: Mérida Factory Youth Movement (Mérida Factory)
Location: Mérida, Spain
Started: 2009
Completed: 2011
Cost: £1.200.000 or $1,279,200
Area: 3090 m2
Canopy Thickness: 1 meter

Architect: Selgas Cano Arquitectos
Contractor: PROCONDAL
Structural Engineer: BOMA, LANIK


AE Interests: Space Truss Systems (or Space Frames) are used to span the length of the cloud-like canopy. These systems are structural frames with spheres for connections that are better accommodating for point loads. Lighting within the canopy illuminates during the night with white, orange, and green colors, which also provide safety at nighttime, unlike most skateparks. The site also features an integrated skatepark within the foundation, a 30ft tall climbing wall, restrooms, interior spaces, and a huge variety of activities outside.

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