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Pod Apartments – Sydney, Australia

Posted in Proposed Design by Eric Nunez on September 4, 2015

sydney_pod_01  sydney_pod_02
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Building: Pod Apartments
Location: Chippendale, Sydney, Australia
Architect: Tony Owen Partners
Completion: Proposal

AE Interests: Pre-cast pods moderate the amount of light that enters the balconies. The façade allows the apartments to vary behind them without sacrificing the flat faces of the building. Surrounded by historical buildings this proposed design is intended to demonstrate that contemporary buildings can also be representative of their time.

Alpha Apartments in Lewisham – Sydney Australia

Posted in Built by Eric Nunez on September 2, 2015

Day1  Sky Unit1  Alpha-Apartments-Lewisham-by-Tony-Owen-Partners-14
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Building: Alpha Apartments
Location: Lewisham, Sydney, Australia
Architect: Tony Owen Partners
Completion: 2015

AE Interests: Ecologically sustainable development, hexagonal pod-like façade (manufactured as a single aluminum extrusion). Alpha’s construction was a way to prove contemporary design can be as cost-effective as traditional designs. Top levels exit onto terraces through hexagonal sky units with panoramic views of the surrounding parklands, two-story lounges on every floor foster a sense of community among residents.

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