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Lucas Museum of Narrative Art – Chicago, USA

Posted in Built by Nadine Lu on March 12, 2020


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Building: Lucas Museum of Narrative Art
Location: Chicago, USA
Architects: MAD Architects
Year: 2019 
Construction: VOA Associates
Landscape: Studio Gang Architects

AE Interests: Combination of theatre, gallery and education spaces, relationship between nature and urban environment, a place of education, culture and inspiration, futuristic and timeless design, 360 observation desk, architectural form mirrors the objective of the art inside, storytelling experience

Articles: [1 , 2]



Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art – Cape Town South Africa

Posted in Built by Ofek Bruhis on March 11, 2020



Building: Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Architect: Heatherwick Studio
MEP: Arup
Structural: Arup and Sutherland
Fire Consultant: Arup
Use: Museum
Awards: ArchDaily 2018 Building of the Year Awards
Year: 2017

AE Interest: It was a retrofit of an old silo which was a grain dissemination plant (originally built in 1921). The museum holds contemporary art of Africa, also showcasing art of artists from 54 nations. Constructed and carved from a series of forty-two sentinel-like concrete silos spanning the building’s height. Heatherwick scanned a corn kernel to use as the datum for the shape of the atrium’s void. The effect is a kaleidoscope of light and shadow into the floor space. The façade was inspired by Venetian blown-glass lanterns, geometric convex window. Leaving a windowless gallery, where spaces are carved out of the honeycomb interior exposing the building’s core.



Q1 Tower – Queensland, Australia

Posted in Built by Ofek Bruhis on March 11, 2020



Building: Q1 Tower
Type: Skyscraper
Location: Gold Coast City, Queensland, Australia
Architect: Innovarchi, Sunland Group Ltd, The Buchan Group
Façade: Arup  
Structural: Whaley Consulting Group
Glazing: G James
2005 Silver Award winner of the Emporis Skyscraper Award
2006 RAIA Gold Coast Regional Architecture Awards – Building of the Year
2006 RAIA Queensland

AE Interest:
Tallest self-supported structure in Australia at 1,058.07 ft with Highest Swimming Pool in Australia. Teardrop canopy wraps around base, echoing the “boat like” geometry. Along with providing a majestic entrance, it is an “urban gesture” to the neighboring buildings on the block by linking them together. Tapered roof with oval spire. Elevators are fastest in Australia, traveling at 1772 ft/min. The level 60 sky garden holds a 30 meter high rainforest with an outdoor terrace observatory (with panoramic views) 180 meters above street level.



Eso Hotel – Antofagasta, Chile

Posted in Built by Ofek Bruhis on March 11, 2020


Building: ESO Hotel (Residencia)
Location: Antofagasta, Chile (Atacama)
Architect: Auer + Weber + Assoziierte
Interior: Paula Gutiérrez Erlandsen
Structural: Mayr + Ludescher
MEP: HL-Technik
Client: European Southern Observatory
Use: Located beneath summit of Cerro Paranal, where the VLT (Very Large Telescope) is located (largest telescope in the world) 2500 m above. ESO scientist and engineers stay here on roster system.
Construction: 2002
2005 Cityscape Architectural Review Awards,
2004 Leaf Awards Kategorien “New Build Overall” 

AE Interest:
It fits in a depression in the ground, so it does not impede the view of the landscape. Therefore the only thing visible above Verizon is the steel skeleton (35 meters in diameter). Long Brick Entrance and skylit dome. Mostly Concrete Structure because it’s economical and combats heat. Mist-like water sprays in the garden and natural evaporation from the pool create a subtropical climate (feeling of oasis inside). Earthquake protection: Concrete blocks anchored to ground with fiberglass mats.

Fun Fact: Bad guy lair in Quantum of Solace (James Bond)




Valley – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Posted in Built by Liam Kristensen on March 10, 2020

Picture6  Picture5
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Building: Valley
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Year: 2015 (Not completed)
Architect: MVRDV
Structural Engineer: Van Rossum Raadgevende Ingenieurs
Facade Engineer: ARUP
AE Interest: Organic facade. Multi use space. Modern housing solutions. Construction intended to revitalize the Zuidas area of Amsterdam.

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Baltyk Tower – Poznan, Poland

Posted in Built by Liam Kristensen on March 10, 2020

Image_4(18)   Image_15(3)
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Building: Baltyk Tower
Year: 2017
Architect: MVRDV
Mechanical: Termostudio S.C.
Façade: Akon S.C.
Greenery: Grupa Krajobrazowa
AE Interest: Multifunctional space, Scenic terraces, Form of the building changes completely with viewing angle, Glass facade.

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Armager-Bakke Power Plant – Copenhagen, Denmark

Posted in Built by Liam Kristensen on March 10, 2020

Picture1  Picture3Picture2
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Building: Armager-Bakke Power Plant
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Year: 2019
Architects: Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG)
Client: Armager Resource Center
AE Interest: Purely industrial building transformed into a personal experience. Multi-use building. Environmentally friendly. Low Emissions.

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L’Arbe Blanc – Montpellier, France

Posted in Built by Colleen Jones on March 10, 2020

ArbreBlanc_1 ArbreBlanc_03 ARBRE_BLANC_2
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Architects:  Dream Architects, OXO architectsNicolas LaisnéSou Fujimoto Architects
Structural Engineering: André Verdier
Environmental Consultants: Franck Boutté Consultants
Lighting Consultants: Les Eclaireurs 
Fire Performance: Efectis

AE Interests: ArchDaily 2020 Building of the Year, mixed-use, tree inspired, balconies provide shade, break up skew wind and increase air circulation, focus on public space, art gallery, rooftop bar, panoramic garden

Article: 1

The Heights Building – Arlington, Virginia

Posted in Built by Colleen Jones on March 10, 2020

heights1 heights2 heights3 heights4
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Building: The Heights Building
Location: Arlington, Virginia, USA
Architect: Bjarke Ingels Group, Leo A. Daly
Construction Manager: Gilbane Building Company
Structural Engineer: Silman
M/E/P: Interface Engineering

AE Interest: public education, secondary school, LEED Gold, vegetated roof, rainwater cistern, storm water detention tank

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NUS School of Design & Environment – Singapore

Posted in Built by Colleen Jones on March 10, 2020

sde43 Picture 006IS_RG_2201 028 sde44
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Name: National University of Singapore School of Design & Environment (SDE4)
Location: Singapore

Architects: Surbana Jurong, Multiply ArchitectsSerie Architects
MEP Engineer: Transsolar Klima Engineering
Civil & Structural Engineer: Surbana Jurong
Lighting Consultant: LPA
Contractor: Kajima Overseas Asia 


AE Interest: university, net-zero energy, photovoltaic panels, natural ventilation, thermal buffer spaces, biophilic design, hybrid cooling system, facade that can be dismantled and recreated, cross ventilation, natural water purification landscape, WELL Gold Certified

Articles [1, 2, 3, 4]

Poly International Plaza – Beijing, China

Posted in Built by Timothy Domingo on March 9, 2020

PolyIntlPlaza_Photo©BruceDamonte_04 EXPLODED_WALL_finalPoly_International_Plaza_Exploded_axon_EDIT_labeled




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Building: Poly International Plaza
Location: Beijing, China
Architect: SOM
Architect of Record: Beijing Institute of Architectural Design
Structural Engineer: SOM
MEP Engineer: WSP Flack + Kurtz
Main Contractor: China Construction Third Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd.
Façade: Jangho Group Co., Ltd.
Completion: 2016

AE Interests: #31 tallest building in Beijing, pre-certified as LEED Silver under the LEED v3 Core and Shell, project site comprises a main tower with two smaller supporting towers, landscaping covers garage ramps and egress stairs creating tranquil topography, diagrid pattern with jewel-like faceting, exoskeleton structural system that forms an outer thermal envelope around the office spaces which are enclosed within a second glazed interior envelope, column-free work environment, highly sustainable architectural/mechanical approach to address the climatic and air quality challenges in Beijing.

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160 Leroy – Manhattan, New York, USA

Posted in Built by Timothy Domingo on March 9, 2020

Capture  dfg houstonmarquis_0009_420_PP_130910_bsa-images_Part3

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Building: 160 Leroy
Location: Manhattan, New York, USA
Architect: Herzog and de Meuron
Construction Management: Gorton & Partners
Mechanical Engineering: ADS
Structural Engineering: DeSimone
Façade Consultant: GMS
Completion: 2017

AE Interests: 12-floor residential building, curved concrete and glass façade, diamond faceted floor-to-ceiling, triple glazed, and insulated windows that reflect the sky and the water, windows are sound rated to 40 DB for 100% exterior noise reduction, elevator banks placed throughout the building, glass walls blur the distinction between indoors and outdoors, the entire building is on top of a plinth above the flood plane, integrates structure, façade, and space through glass and concrete.

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City Center Tower – Manila, Philippines

Posted in Built by Timothy Domingo on March 9, 2020

download Callaghan_2016120620161206_CAL0569 callaghan_2016120620161206_cal0872-3

4_Diagram_showing_the_change_in_the_building_skin_when_the_parabola_leaves_its_impression_on_the_Tower               5_Exploded_axonometric_showing_how_the_parabolic_indentation_creates_a_secondary_network_of_public_terraces_on_the_extension_of_the_City_Center_Tower


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Building: City Center Tower
Location: Manila, Philippines
Architect: CAZA 
Structural Engineer: R.S. Ison & Associates
MEP Engineer: Isagani M. Martinez Consulting Engineers; RGJ Electrosystem Consultants Inc.
General Contractor: Manny Sy Associates
Completion: 2016

AE Interests: 27-story-tall mixed-use building featuring three floors of commercial retail and dining space
while also serving as the corporate offices for several prominent international companies, iconic wave-like façade, spacious elevated parking areas that align with a functional cooling tower that
accommodates a passive cooling system, double height lobby, lofted rooftop restaurant.

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Dakar Congress Center – Dakar, Senegal

Posted in Built by G. Steven Flores II on March 9, 2020


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Building: Dakar Congress Center
Location: Dakar, Senegal
Architect: Tabanlıoğlu Architects
Structural Engineer: Meinhardt Group
Electrical Engineer: Okutan
Mechanical Engineer: Yurdakul
Fire Protection: Dr. Abdurrahman Kılıç
Lighting Design: ZKLD
Acoustics: Talayman Acoustics, PROSİSTEM
Landscape Architect: Zeynep Akgoze
Owner: République du Sénégal
Construction: SUMMA

AE interests: roof canopy, singular roof protecting against direct sunlight and wind loads, reflective pool providing passive cooling, metal envelopes linked by bridges, floor-to-ceiling windows

Article: [1]

Dachang Muslim Cultural Center – Dachang, China

Posted in Built by G. Steven Flores II on March 9, 2020





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Building: Dachang Muslim Cultural Center
Location: Dachang County, Hebei Province, China
Architect: Architectural Design & Research Institute of SCUT
Principal Architect: He Jingtang
Interior design: Architectural Design & Research Institute of SCUT, City Group
Design Team: Guo Weihong, Pan Yudan, Zheng Changbo, Li Kaixin, Chen Zong, Wang Renyu, Huang Guannan
Investor: China Fortune Land Development
Construction: 2015

AE interests: recreation center/cultural site, petal-shaped arches, petaloid shelled dome, semi-exterior roof garden, modern variations of traditional Islamic design

Articles: [1, 2, 3]

Tribunal de Paris (Paris Courthouse) – Paris, France

Posted in Built by G. Steven Flores II on March 9, 2020

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Building: Tribunal de Paris (Paris Courthouse)
Location: Paris, France
Architect: Renzo Piano Building Workshop
Consulting Architect: Studio Akkerhuis
Structural Engineer: SETEC TPI
M/E/P Engineer: SETEC Bâtiment, Berim
Lighting Design: Guzzini, Artemide, Targetti, Bega
Windows: Schüco
Glass Glazing: Saint-Gobain, Guardian
Acoustic Design: LAMOUREUX acoustics
Facade Design: RFR
Sustainability: ELAN, Eléments Ingénieries
Owner: Etablissement Public du Palais de Justice de Paris + Bouygues Bâtiment
Construction: Bouygues Bâtiment

AE interests: fully glazed façade, photovoltaic panels lining the east- and west-facing façades, glazed skylights, roof terrace, daylighted atria, building form that creates a “visual corridor” of the city

Articles: [1, 2, 3]

Cliffs of Moher Visitor Experience – County Clare, Ireland

Posted in Built by siobhanocasey on March 6, 2020

Building: Cliffs of Moher Visitor Experience
Location: County Clare, Ireland
Year: 2007
Architects: Reddy Architecture+Urbanism
Consultant: Nolan Ryan Partnership
Civil and Structural Engineer: Arup
Construction: Bam Building
AE Interest: subterranean, self-supporting concrete structure use of renewable energy systems including geothermal heating and cooling, solar panels, and grey water recycling

Bord Gáis Energy Theatre – Dublin, Ireland

Posted in Built by siobhanocasey on March 6, 2020


Building: Bord Gáis Energy Theatre
Location: Dublin, Ireland
Architects: Studio Liebskind, RHWL Architects (theatre specialists), McCauley Daye O’Connell
Area:148000 ft²
Year: 2009
Builder: John Sisk & Sons
Engineer: Arup
AE Interest: Double façade with angled column supports

Titanic Belfast- Belfast, Ireland

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Building: Titanic Belfast
Location: Belfast, Ireland
Architects: CivicArts- Eric R. Kuhne
Area: 14000 ft²
Year: 2012
Lead Consultants: Todd Architects
Exhibition Design: Event Communications Ltd
Facade Consultants/Contractors: Metallbau Frueh, Spanwall
Engineering Consultants: RPS Consulting, Arup Acoustics, Tavakoli Associates, AECOM – M&E and IT/AV consulting engineers
Lighting Design/Lighting Strategy: Sutton Vane Associates
Early Concept Lighting Design Consultants: Bliss Fasman
AE Interests: 153′ tall aluminum cladding with ship building influence in design

Incubator Building

Posted in Built by Frances Lexine Gabrito on March 6, 2020

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Building: Incubator Building
Location: Masdar City, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Architect: Foster & Partners

AE Interest: Ceramic fritting in the exterior filter light while minimizing heat, reducing solar radiation by almost 40%, Colors of fritting varies depending on intensity of solar radiation, Act as mirror to mimic surrounding architecture, Banked sides to maximize pedestrian space and minimize light, Built around a central core planted with drought-resistant plants to regulate temperature, Built from recycled structural steel and aluminum sheets.
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World WildLife Fund Headquarters

Posted in Built by Frances Lexine Gabrito on March 6, 2020

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Building: World Wildlife Fund Headquarters
Location: Zeist, Netherlands
Architect: RAU
Services Engineer: Arup
Structural Engineer: ABT
Acoustics Consultant: DGMR
Building Physics Consultant: DGMR
Glass Manufacturers: AGC Glass Europe
Contractor: Van Zoelen

AE Interest: Renovated from an old agricultural laboratory, Self-sufficient and carbon-neutral, Temperature-regulating water runs through mud insulated tubes in the ceiling, Materials are either recycled or locally sourced and screened for fair labor practices, Rooftop photovoltaic panels, Triple glazed windows with adjustable wooden louvers, Bricks on facade act as nests for birds and bats
Articles: [1, 2, 3]

Generali Tower and CityLife Shopping District

Posted in Built by Frances Lexine Gabrito on March 6, 2020

Zaha Hadid Citylife high rise tower Milan 04
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Building: Generali Tower and CityLife Shopping District
Location: Milan, Italy
Architect: Zaha Hadid Architects
Structural Engineers: Adams Kara Taylor, Redesco, Cap Engineering
Fire Engineer: Silvestre Mistretta
Transport Engineer: Systematica, Studio Corda, Alpina
Project Director: Gianluca Racana
Tower Project Architect: Paolo Zilli
Residential Project Architect: Maurizio Meossi

AE Interests: Entirely pedestrian neighborhood, largest car-free area in Milan, 50% of available area used for green spaces, making it the 2nd largest green public park in Milan, the largest urban shopping district in Italy, The Tre Torri offices are pre-certified LEED Gold, shopping center has aluminum cladding exterior.
Articles: [1, 2]

Torre Mitikah- Mexico City, Mexico

Posted in Built by Daniela Gonzalez on March 6, 2020

Building: Torre Mitikah
Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Architect: Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects, SMA
Interior Design/Architecture: HBA, spAce, Springall + Lira
Structural Engineers: CMF, McNamara⋅Salvia 
Completion: 2021

AE Interests

Neighborhood in the sky, two flowing glass and steel facades, envelope curves of towers elliptical shape. Architectural expression is “axis mundi” a spiritual representation of connection between earth and sky. Designed for high seismic zone using performance based design

Articles: [1,2]

Torre the Point – Guayaquil, Ecuador

Posted in Built by Daniela Gonzalez on March 6, 2020

Building: Torre the Point
Location: Guayaquil, Ecuador
Architect: Christian Wiese
Structural Engineer: Ernesto NA
MEP Engineer: Ernesto NA
Completion: 2014

AE Interests:

Tallest building in Ecuador (449 feet). Each floor is rotated 6 degrees counter clockwise to form spiral shape. The swirls represent whirlpools that occur at confluence of the Babahayo and Daule rivers.

Article: [1, 2]

Torre Banco Macro- Buenos Aires, Argentina

Posted in Built by Daniela Gonzalez on March 6, 2020
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Building: Torre Banco Macro
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Architect: Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects, GSA and Associates
Architectural Acoustics Design: WSDG
Construction: Peri
Completion: 2016

AE Interests

Building fit into an irregularly 5-sided shaped site. Tower has a highly reflective glass curtain wall, nearly elliptical with an inward curve. Sloping/sinuousroof that echoes street level canopy. Facade is facated but looks like it is a softly curved surface.

Articles: [1,2,3]

Wong Dai Sin Temple – Markham, Canada

Posted in Built by Anna Lehew on March 5, 2020


Building: Wong Dai Sin Temple
Location: Markham, Canada
Architects: Shim-Sutcliffe Architects
Area:3271.0 ft²
Structural : Blackwell Structural Engineers
Mechanical : BK Consulting Inc.
Electrical : Dynamic Designs and Engineering Inc.
Landscape : NAK Design Group
General Contractor: Gillam Group Inc.
Cladding: Krypton Steel Inc.
Custom Lighting: Lighting Nelson & Garrett Inc.

AE Interests: Reflects ancient religious beliefs and the modern environment of its practitioners, asymmetrical and counterbalanced, cantilever to provide additional parking, two-way slab concrete, 10.2m cantilever on west end and 5.2m cantilever on east end, cantilever concrete staircases, fins to control views to outside, memorial hall within, large skylights

Articles: [1,2,3]


Sothern Branch of the National Palace Museum – Taiboa City, Taiwan

Posted in Built by Anna Lehew on March 5, 2020


Building: Sothern Branch of the National Palace Museum
Location: Taibao City, Taiwan
Area: 38332.69 m²
Year Completed: 2015
Architect: KRIS YAO | ARTECH
Plumbing, Electrical & Fire Protection: Majestic Engineering Consultants Inc.
Building Physics Consultants: ARUP
Façade Consultants: maRco façade Studio
Lighting Consultants: Chroma 33 Architectural Lighting Design
Green Architecture Consultants: Taiwan Green Architecture
Landscape Bridge Design And Inspection Collaborator: T. Y. Lin Taiwan Consulting Engineers, Inc.



AE Interests: Inspired by three caligraphy strokes, composed of solid and void forms, reinforced concrete structure, cast aluminum disks cover the solid form, glazed curtain wall, Low-E glass, mosaic tile,

Articles: [1,2,3]


King Abdullah Financial District Metro Station – Saudi Arabia

Posted in Built by Anna Lehew on March 5, 2020



Building: King Abdullah Financial District Metro Station
Location: Riyadh , Saudi Arabia
Architects: Zaha Hadid Architects
Area: 20,434 
Project Director: Gianluca Racana, Filippo Innocenti
Project Architect: Fulvio Wirz, Gian Luca Barone
Design Team: Alexandre Kuroda, Fei Wang, Lisa Kinnerud, Jorge Mendez-Caceres
Structural Engineer: Buro Happold
Services: Buro Happold
Transport and Civil Engineering: Buro Happold
Fire Engineering: Buro Happold
Façade Consultant: NewTecnic
Project Year: 2017-2020

AE Interests: five levels above ground with two below, anticipate 3.6M passengers a day, Mashrabiya screens, building layout to facilitate pedestrian traffic, exterior shaped by interior design, exterior represents natural curvature in sand dunes

Articles: [1,2,3,4]

Le Monde Group Headquarters- Paris, France

Posted in Built by Angie Liu on March 5, 2020


64d96404c0c617daff68a7806d4baeb0_2048w 7a3995e936ae03dae9838835c4e316bf_2048w

Building:Le Monde Group Headquarters
Location: Paris, France
Architect: Snøhetta
Structural: Bollinger-Grohmann
Completion: Ongoing

AE Interests: Vaulted ceilings to represent flow, surface embedded with LEDs that can represent data or flow, building facade is a matrix of pixelated glass with varying transparencies that look more complex as you get closer – representing headlines and news stories

Articles: [1,2]



Kuwait Ministry of Education Headquarters – South Surra District, Kuwait

Posted in Built by Angie Liu on March 5, 2020

002-Carousel-004-2018JG20-018  gulf-consult-Ministry-of-Education-HQ-8

gulf-consult-Ministry-of-Education-HQ-4    MinistryofEducation-Approach-02a-955x700@2x

Building: Kuwait Ministry of Education Headquarters
Location: South Surra District, Kuwait
Architect: CambridgeSeven
Engineering Design: Gulf Consult
Construction Supervision: Gulf Consult
Total Area: 1,460,000 square feet
Media Mesh Screen: 10 m x 20 m

AE Interests: Inspired by Kuwait’s history of ship building, The two forms look like two dhows passing at sea as you approach, Southeast and northwest facades louvered while northeast and southwest facades are smooth and shimmering, center serves as a public atrium

Articles: 1,2,3

Binhai Science Museum- Binhai,China

Posted in Built by Angie Liu on March 5, 2020

-_Featured_Image BTA_-_Tianjin_Exploratorium_-_Ground__201810-11 BTA_Tianjin-SECTION-LONG-1-100

Building: Binhai Science Museum
Location: Binhai, China
Architect: Bernard Tschumi Architects
Engineer: Tianjin Urban Planning and Design Institute (TUPDI)
Area: 355200 square feet
Completed: 2019

AE Interests: Design based on the industrial history of the area, central cone connects all spaces, open cones provide even natural lighting and move warm air in and out, perforated aluminum facade helps reduce solar gain, central cone acts as a solar chimney 


New Museum Addition – New York City, USA

Posted in Built by Grace Ito on March 4, 2020

New Museum Image 1New Museum Image 3  New Museum Image 2
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Building: New Museum Addition
Location: New York City, NY
Architect: OMA
Structural Engineers: Arup
Mechanical Engineers: Arup
Facade: Front Inc.
Completion: Ongoing

AE Interests: Expansion of New Museum by SANAA, atrium stairs for vertical circulation, laminated glass facade with metal mesh provides continuity between the two buildings, angular form language, cut for a plaza for openness,  triangular terraces

Articles: [1, 2, 3]

Western Australian Museum – Perth, Australia

Posted in Built by Grace Ito on March 4, 2020

Western Australian Musem Image 1Western Australian Musem Image 2  Western Australian Musem Image 3
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Building: Western Australian Museum
Location: Perth, WA, Australia
Architect: OMA, Hassell
Lighting Design: Atelier Ten
Environmental Design: Atelier Ten
Construction: Multiplex
Completion: 2019

AE Interests: Seamless transition from historic to contemporary building, vertical and horizontal pathways, large open atrium, wooden beams span atrium, cantilevered volume, rectilinear and angular form, perforated metal facade

Articles: [1, 2, 3, 4]

Odunpazari Modern Art Museum – Odunpazari, Turkey

Posted in Built by Grace Ito on March 4, 2020

odunpazari-image-1Odunpazari Image 2  Odunpazari Image 3
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Building: Odunpazari Modern Art Museum
Location: Odunpazari, Turkey
Architect: Kengo Kuma & Associates
Facade Engineer: ATTEC
Mechanical Engineer: TEMA Engineering and Consulting Trade Ltd.
General Contractor: Polimeks Holdings, INC.
Completion: 2019

AE Interests: Stacked volumes, scale museum to surroundings, central atrium framed with timber blocks, timber exterior, “Odunpazari” means “wood market” in Turkish, rectilinear form language

Articles: [1, 2, 3]

Via Verde – New York, New York

Posted in Built by Cypress Lefebre on March 4, 2020

main pic fo real    backyard pic    green roof    solar panels    via verde climate

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Building: Via Verde – The Green Way
Address: 700 Brook Ave, The Bronx, NY 10455
Location: The Bronx, New York
Architect: Dattner Architects, Grimshaw Architects
Structural Engineer: Robert Silman Associates
General Contractor: Lettire Construction
Landscape Architect: Weintraub Diaz
Energy Management: Bright Power

222 affordable housing units, retail, community health center, and live work units in one complex composed of three buildings. The complex is highly sustainable, featuring a green roof, community vegetable gardens, a 66kW solar panel system, onsite cogeneration,  rainwater harvesting and hardy landscaping. LEED Gold.
Article: [1, 2]

Solar Carve (40 Tenth Avenue) – New York, New York

Posted in Built by Cypress Lefebre on March 4, 2020

1st image    2nd image    3rd image    4th image
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Building: Solar Carve
Address: 40 10th Ave, New York, NY 10014
Location: New York, New York
Architect: Studio Gang
Structural Engineer: Arup
Facade Engineer: Arup
Acoustical Consultant: Arup
Daylighting Consultant: Arup
Geotechnical Engineer: RA Consultants
Landscape Architect: HMWhite
Lighting Consultant: Fisher Marantz Stone

145,500 sqf mixed-use building targeting LEED Gold. The geometric facade allows for light to reach public green space of the High Line. The facade is achieved with one tilted diamond panel surrounded by four triangular panels that allow for standard stack joints.

10 Jay Street – New York, New York

Posted in Built by Cypress Lefebre on March 4, 2020

front image    ODA_10_Jay_Facade_Detail_Pavel_Bendov    structure image        DBLOOXqW0AY60AB
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Building: 10 Jay Street
Address: 10 Jay St, Brooklyn, NY 11201
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Architect: ODA
Structural Engineer: Active Design Group  Engineering
General Contractor: MJM Associates Construction
Facade Consultant: AJL&P Surface Design Group
Consulting Engineers: Kallen & Lemelson
Curtain Wall Engineering: KPA Studio

A renovation of an industrial building that required a remedial steel frame after years of disrepair. The reflective glass facade also required reconstruction of the slab edges.

Passenger Clearance Building – Hong Kong, China

Posted in Built by Lane A Medrano on March 3, 2020

Passenger Building  Passenger Building 4

Passenger Building 3  Passenger Building 2

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Building: Passenger Clearance Building
Location: Hong Kong, China
Completed: 2018
Architect: Aedas / Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners
Structural Engineer: Buro Happold
Sustainability: Buro Happold
Facade Engineer: Buro Happold

AE Interests: serves as a gateway for passengers passing on Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge (longest sea crossing), the flow through the building and the flow of surrounding waters is represented by waveform roof, canyons between allow natural daylight, environmentally friendly, prefabricated steel roof structures, tree-like structural columns

Articles: [1, 2]
Video: [1]

Seoul Floating Islands – Seoul, South Korea

Posted in Built by Lane A Medrano on March 3, 2020

FLoating Islands 4 Floating Islands 2Floating Islands Floating Islands 3

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Building: Seoul Floating Islands / Floating Island: Soul Flora
Location: Seoul, South Korea
Completed: 2011
Area: 9995.0 m²
Architect: Haeahn Architecture / Taeman Kim (President)
Collaborating Architect: H Architecture

AE Interests: located on the Han River, serves several cultural, educational, and recreational functions, represent the stages of a blooming flower: seed, bud, and blossom, aluminum metal panel shell with translucent panels, metal framed façade resemble petals, LED system for lights, floats via pontoon and automated mooring systems

Article: [1]

United States Courthouse – Salt Lake City, Utah

Posted in Built by Lane A Medrano on March 3, 2020


Courthouse 4   Courthouse 6

 Courthouse 3  Courthouse 5

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Building: United States Courthouse
Address: 351 S W Temple
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Completed: 2014
Architect: Thomas Phifer and Partners
Mechanical Engineer: Van Boerum & Frank Associates
Structural Engineer: Reaveley Engineers & Associates
Associates Building Enclosure: James Carpenter Design
Acoustics: Arup
General Contractor: Okland Construction

AE Interests: intended to be a symbol of the American judiciary system, primary form like buttes of southern Utah, garden terrace, LEED Gold, pattern of vertical aluminum sun screens and reflective glass façade that changes lighting and views by orientation of the sun, three-story spiral staircase in lobby

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